Italian fine food kitchen & bar

Passion for cooking is the main ingredient.

If it is missing, it is like not loving it.

Mario Cappellano

Everything that comes from my kitchen has grown in my heart.

Where there is love and passion for cooking,

food is more delicious.


Appetizers, Pasta, Second courses and desserts, all strictly Italian and homemade.


Italian red and white wine, beer, cocktails, coffee and cappuccino.


Pizza with original Italian Ingredients


Everywhere Italian food is good, Da Mario is better, try it!

Da Mario does everything to offer its customers a pleasant gastronomic experience of Italian cuisine:

Coffee bar, for an Italian espresso , a sweet treat or a quick sandwich.

For those who want meal of excellent quality at a good price

Take away, for those in a hurry or who prefer to enjoy their food in your home.

For those who want to spend an evening with friends enjoying Italian specialties served with good wine or a bottle of beer.

Da Mario is an oasis of colour, warmth and smiles.

The care and attention of our customers is our main goal: to give them a moment of relaxation or entertainment that involves them and makes them feel good.


Cooking is simplicity and imagination, let's love it for this.

Mario Cappellano, the owner, has a long history experience in the catering sector.

During the eighties the passion for cooking was born and grew through the collaboration with well-known restaurants in Milan;

one of these, in particular, was awarded a Michelin star in 1982 when he worked as a chef.

In 1989 Mario to grow professionally leaves the kitchen to devote himself to the management of collective catering.

In 1991 a well-known entrepreneur from Milan offered Mario the opportunity to run a self catering restaurant service during the day and karaoke focacceria in the evening, the "Bella Lì".

In 1996, the same well-known entrepreneur had the idea of ​​transforming "Bella Lì" into an American Restaurant:

he was born so the "Crazy Bull Café", one of the first venues in northern Italy in true American style, where Mario is director responsible.

For 10 years the "Crazy Bull Café" knows a great success, frequented by famous people and place of meeting of the Milanese youth.

In 2000 Mario Cappellano becomes the owner of the "Crazy Bull café".

In 2006 the Crazy Bull turns into a "Santa Monica cafe".

Now Mario, together with his wife Mod, gets back into the game by offering his Italian cuisine in Koh Samui.

About delivery

Since many of you have requested the delivery service, here's what Mario thinks.

If you have tried “Da Mario” you should already know that customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We prefer to serve our food in the restaurant because it is the only way to preserve the original flavors.

Even a few minutes of delivery can make a difference, you have to eat our food right after Mario prepares it.

Also, we want you to be able to enjoy our Italian vibes, which is part of the experience, all with fast and comfortable service

Our food is better and cheaper if you have it at the restaurant. Come and have fun!

This is our policy


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